Helping your firm stay on top of your finances and ensure compliance with regulatory reguirements. 


Your law firm is in need a professional to handle your books but not just any bookkeeper will do. What you need is a team who is already familiar with the specifics of working in the law industry. That's where we come in.


Payroll tasks can easily become a tedious and time-consuming process for business owners. As part of our monthly services, The Proper Trust offers payroll solutions that meet your firm's needs and enable you to dedicate your time to other tasks. Together we will create a workflow that can include monthly payroll/benefits reconciliation and employee document management. 

Trust Compliance

Compliance with legal trust accounting and retainer rules requires that you track certain information when you record deposits and withdrawals, regularly perform a three-way reconciliation of your bank statements, client trust ledger and trust ledger, and retain certain documents. Understandably, this can be a lot to stay on top of, but the team at Mintage Labs is well versed in these requirements, their expertise will ensure compliance and ease of mind. 

Data Migration / Software Consultation

Let's be honest, most practice management applications for the legal industry are archaic and inefficient to use. Most firms have a dedicated employee that acts as the unofficial power user and employee trainer. The last thing anyone wants to consider is migrating to a new platform. Fortunately, the team at The Proper Trust can tackle your migration for you.

Workflow Design

Workflow design requires our experts to document the flow of information through a company to understand better any point at which a team member must interact with that data.

We can help put more time into your day with the help of automation and the right software. We have hand-selected the best group of applications to provide your firm to become future-ready.

With The Proper Trust

You can ensure that your law firm is running as smoothly as possible and you have the best financial strategy in place for your business goals. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.


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